2023 spring&summer Ⅱ

2023 spring&summer Ⅱ

Take you wonder by wonder


Jane Marple
The charm of « French marine » lies in its availability in two colors: off-white and navy.
The bi-colored thin line tape adds a beautifully crisp expression to the girly frills and laces that are typical of the brand.
In combination with marine border tops and classic straw hats, this series presents a romantic marine style that suggests the Viscontian world-view laid over the contemporary filter.

« My favorite labels » is a collection of our favorite old labels from France in which fruits and flowers are spread out in a fun-filled atmosphere.
Skirt with straps that allow the adjustment of the length, and a collaboration dress that can be broken down into wearable parts: a collar, a top and a skirt.
Salopette skirt and dresses are also filled with playful ideas. Coordinating the tops featuring clovers and honeybees with them creates an amusing style, to beautifully dress up this season…

The Liberty fabric « Bonjour » consists of cute sketches portraying the Paris’ buildings and the townscape. Charming items added to the adorable prints open up the door for a curious tourist to start a fantastic journey…

For this season, we have selected another Liberty fabric.
« Sheer Betsy » is Liberty’s first attempt to print the floral pattern from the 1930s archive onto organdie made of recycled polyester.
An accordion-pleated skirt adorned with French braids in beautiful colors, and a day dress lined with cotton lawn to make elegant sheer.
« Betsy » is expressed in a new clean aesthetic… as the classy character of our brand is added to the new approach taken by the long-established Liberty.

Cotton organdie filled with our brand logos in various fonts and styles of calligraphy makes « Sheer logos ». It is a textile made of see-through fabric and pigments in the same color, realizing a quiet three-dimensional effect.
Each item made with a sophisticated sense of volume quietly brightens up the special but ordinary days of the season…

« Eyelet lace » is the essential element for this season.
We have a lineup of items in off-white and mandarin.
Tops, a skirt and a dress are designed to be full of expression.
They will dress you up in a dashing manner, reflecting beautiful shades in the season of abundant light.
Jane Marple Dans Le Salon
Introduction to this brand for this season begins with « Bonne journée », a scene from a Marché in Paris, where vegetables and fruits are displayed in a cheerful manner.
Dresses with an image of the awning tent on the chest area, and a skirt with which one can have fun with different arrangements.
Enjoy a day in a bright season with this exciting series!!

The Liberty Print « Flower Fete » meticulously depicts cyclamens, lilies and marguerites taking inspiration from typical Art Nouveau tiles.
A skirt with an accent of organdie at its hem; dresses with full gatherings; and an all-in-one that makes one’s heart rejoice.
They can color a peaceful everyday life with the very Liberty-like textile in a relaxed and gentle expression.

The Eyelet lace for this brand is called « Table cloth lace », using flamboyant Turkish lace. A skirt that beautifully combines the large-size circle and oval cutworks, a top made of cotton broadcloth, and a dress decorated with lace at the collar, the sleeves and the skirt. 
With trustworthy pattern making, the beautiful textile with a classic atmosphere is transformed into a style with an attractive formality…

The finale for the season features another Liberty Print.
« Archive gingham » is a patchwork of flower patterns from the Liberty archive that is designed to make a translucent grid form.
Lavender, multicolor and mono chrome; color palette of three colors with flowers such as roses, daisies and clematis peeking out between the grid and a unique space of lights and shadows are created.
A skirt with tulle pannier and three types of dresses that, in a careful manner, layer quiet romanticism onto the season that is about to turn …

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