2024 spring&summer Ⅱ

2024 spring&summer Ⅱ



Jane Marple
The fruit print fabric for this season is « Very berries », on which strawberries and blueberries adorned by fresh green leaves make a beautifully colored image.
This theme is composed of tops and bottoms in a sporty style made of functional seed stitch polyester fabric as well as a series of clothing with wavy textures made of shirred fabric.
Add color to the season in the most delightful way, wearing the collection of freshly harvested fruits…

For « Ribbon cut dobby », a pattern rendered on organic cotton lawns using thick threads characterizes the theme. The collection includes a dormitory skirt with a cute detachable ribbon at the chest and a romantic dress with specially designed large collars made of lace.
Let us introduce this elegant look representing the brand’s dignity and grace…

A tri-blend fabric made of a mixed spun thread of cotton, Lyocell, and polyester is woven with a polyurethane thread that shrinks. This mixture gives a three-dimensional feel to the « Shirring check » collection.
We have boldly chosen pink and black to go with the modest and stylish translucency.
Enjoy our brand’s classic girly style with a subtle sweetness…

« Parade » features the girls in Swiss traditional costumes. They stand in a row between the lines of geometric shapes, and the image is repeated to compose a border pattern.
This series is also printed on a cotton linen honeycomb fabric with bumps to suit the current mood.
With the mandarin and blue colors each working as an accent to the details, the folkloric items for this season show a joyful look…

On a salt-shrunk cotton lawn, small dots are printed to make the « Ripple dots ».
Using fabric that carries crisp air, this series features delicate arrangements of charming details on each item.
The pure heart residing at the brand’s core is delivered through the innocent design...

« Vintage stripe lace » consists of the reproduction of nostalgic laces treasured by someone.
The lace produced with fine and delicate embroideries and machine-cut eyelets resulted in voluminous silhouettes.
Through focusing on the far distance, relish this series that nurtures our time gracefully…

Rendered on a voile fabric woven from a rare cotton thread made in India are the patterns for « Very berries embroidery ». Strawberries and blueberries are depicted with unique embroideries.
The series featuring small motifs loaded with luxury to the fullest extent takes on the role of passing down the brand’s history with care to the next season…
Jane Marple Dans Le Salon
The hot-stamped silhouettes of the Eiffel Tower dispersed on the airy cotton lawn fabrics make « LA TOUR EIFFEL ».
Gold on off-white and white gold on navy, each combination has a beautiful, quiet, and elegant luster.
We are starting this season’s collection as we express our yearnings for the alluring city of Paris through the items with full gathers...

Also found in this brand is a series made with shrunken shirred fabric for the ground, called « Polka dots ».
It carries an effortless atmosphere thanks to the crumply texture that keeps the material away from the body, paired with familiar polka dots.
You may have lots of fun coordinating this series with other items, not to mention the matching set of the shirt and the bottoms.

The theme « Bon voyage » is composed of beautiful typographies layered on a European antique map framed by the Paris-centered world clock and timetables.
The fabric exudes the brand’s intellectual competence through its reference to historical documents.
Rose and blue, the two bright colors arranged with ecru and monotone, quietly speak of the romanticism nurtured in one’s heart emerging beautifully from the simple coloring…

« Sheer flowers » took inspiration from French antique fabrics.
The airiness is expressed by the bouquets of lovely roses and tiny flowers printed on the stiff polyester chiffon layered on the cotton lawn lining.
The beautiful shades and shadows highlight the quality of pattern-making that pays attention to details, including the delicate pleats and seams that bind fabric parts…

The Liberty print for this season is « Miles’ Adventure », on which antique planes are depicted figuratively flying in the crystal-clear sky.
A world made of a mixture of cuteness and modernism is brought together by the crisp accent color applied to the details.
The fabric filled with humor presents the items best suited for charming smiles, drawing the curtain on the season by ushering you to exciting adventures…