2024 spring&summer Ⅰ

2024 spring&summer Ⅰ



Jane Marple
« Jolies broderies » is inspired by the fascinating old European embroidery design book found in a Brocante. Featured in the design are beautiful monograms of the initials of artists and protagonists in novels that Jane Marple loves dearly. The classical background is reimagined into a modern textile with a graphical composition and vibrant color palette.
This season begins with a fresh approach to the brand’s standard items...

« French madras check » is woven in a seersucker style with three types of filament fibers: acetate, rayon, and polyester.
The jacket, the culotte, and the dress with marine collars are for the new lycéenne look.
The skirt and the dresses with large ribbon tied tightly are made into cute items with playful looks...

The must-have for this season is the lace of our own. The first is « Dots lace », for which eyelets are placed randomly on yarn-dyed broadcloth.
We offer the tunic blouse, the tiered skirt, and the dress of this lace.
The chambray lace subtly tones down the girly vibes to present a girly style suited to daily life situations...

« Memories of Paris » is a “scrapbook” filled with the clippings of 20 different cards and labels depicting the graceful city of Paris printed on fabric.
The T-shirt and other items made of woven fabrics are paired with the hand-knitted cardigan, a rarity in modern times.
These items evoke sweet and precious memories in our hearts that lead us on a journey to the future...

The second of our lace designs is « Monogram lace ». It reproduces the vintage whitework samplers to frame the embroidered brand logo and the crown with intricate lace squares.
This exquisite series filled with overwhelmingly beautiful craftsmanship decorates your special days of the season quietly and powerfully...

« Floral dots » brings a fun retro-pop feel of the ‘70s.
The cheerful flowers and dots in two bright colors start to talk charmingly.
Paring with « Vintage dots » derived from the previous print updates a cutie style with a joyful touch...

« THERESA » is a botanical pattern characteristic of Liberty, redrawn based on the pattern from the Liberty Fabrics' ‘60s archive.
Embrace the charming and delicate mood of this season with the lovely frilled skirt and the pretty apron dress, or with the tender, granny-style dress that is embroidered at its collar and cuffs...

Ribbons decorate the open-toed sandals for this season. It is one of the iconic motifs of the house.
The sandals’ platform design is finished with high-quality kipskin waxed leather, which could work for all seasons.
Placed at the ankle straps are the vintage-like buckles that give them charming accents.
Jane Marple Dans Le Salon
This brand’s collection starts with a Liberty fabric « CHARMIAN », a seamless repeat of stylized poppies.
We offer the tiered frill blouse and the pants with a generous number of gathers. Blousing the pants at the hem to shape them into a form like a balloon skirt is always an option.
The dress also spreads richly in volume, with the gathers cheerfully decorating the chest and pockets.
Let the series of fluffy silhouettes renew the season with fresh and innocent air...

Small flowers shine demurely on « Wild flowers », rendered three-dimensionally by puff inks and aluminum paste placed on an elegant sheen fabric.
The jacket with Chinese knot buttons, the boxy dress, and the bottoms bring back a noble chinoiserie of the good old days in a clean and beautiful style...

« Block check » is a fabric woven from polyester warp and thin cotton weft threads having a right stiffness.
Each item made of this fabric by the brand’s unique pattern making demonstrates the boldness in volume.
This series stands with dignity in a crisp atmosphere...

In « Falling cherries », cute small cherries are spread over a fabric.
The fabric has a texture fluffed up by a special processing. It makes a silhouette in line with this season’s characteristics, looking as if it is catching the wind.
The fine gathers lie like soft shadows on the blouse and the dress made of smooth cotton lawn.
Enjoy our new fruity style that fits with modern times, using a seamless pattern that is not too assertive...

Our lace designed for this brand is « Vintage lace », made of lightweight denim and chambray lawn; the former is a little thick, while the latter is thin.
We offer a lineup of items made with lightweight denim: the tunic, the bottoms, the strap dress, and the tablier that is essential to French vintage.
Victorian blouse and marine-collared tablier dress made with chambray lawn accompany the series to complete a wardrobe in which beauty resides in every detail...

In « Days with roses », various roses mingle with English garden fences.
The graphic image surrounded by the frame of brilliant leaves printed on a textile gives a strong impression.
Taking advantage of the brand’s strength, an excellent technique to make three-dimensional form through pattern making, a rectangular scarf is transformed to glam up this season...