If only for a piece of clothing that is there , it was shining it can be like the happiness of the pieces ...

We started Jane Marple in a very small atelier on the side of a park in April 1985,cherishing pleasure of imagination and enjoyment of creativity…

searching for a door to FANTASIA…

そんな願いを込めて1985年4月、大きな公園の側のとても小さなアトリエの中に「Jane Marple」は誕生しました。

〒151 -0063
東京都渋谷区富ヶ谷1-13-9 FONTE西原宿3F

TEL  03-3468-0232
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St. Mary Mead Co., Ltd.

FONTE nisi-harajuku 3F,
1-13-9 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
151-0063, JAPAN

Phone +81-(0)3-3468-0232
Email jm●janemarple-stmm.co.jp

Corporate Philosophy

  • Jane Marple


    We are continuously proposing fantastic and creative eternal themes such as history, art and nature with free mind without interrupted by stereotypes and social restrictions.

  • Jane Marple Dans Le Salon


    We pursue expressions of brilliance, joviality, neatness, strength and fantasy on the basis of classical and traditional concepts with the sense of 'mode' in mind.

Business Outline

  • レディースファッションブランド Jane Marple , Jane Marple Dans le Salonの企画・生産および販売