2023 spring&summer Ⅰ

2023 spring&summer Ⅰ

Take you wonder by wonder


Jane Marple
« Beautiful daydream » depicts architectural plans of a palace, a bookshelf, and a shrine, designed by a French architect from the 18th century in a fantastic way like Surrealist paintings.

A skirt and a shirt that straightforwardly displays the dramatic painting, dresses with a sluice design placed at the waist, and a dress skirt with a tulle pannier for a playful touch. With all these items, the new season raises its curtain to present a super fantastic series with a humorous look…

Strawberries are a must for this season and are introduced in two ways.
The first, « Strawberries and flowers » is a vintage taste pattern evoking nostalgia. It is composed of pin dotted ground adorned with bouquets of strawberries and flowers.
On the surface of cotton or cotton cupra, this theme makes playful items, and on organdie makes beautiful designs for you to enjoy their elegant translucency.
Paring them with cotton lawn dot prints or border T-shirt will make a lighthearted and romantic French-style fruity design…
The second, « Wonder strawberries » applies the cut jacquard technique. The strawberry icons in three-dimensional ring yarns, and our brand logo in thick shiny yarns are woven into chiffon broadcloth made of cotton-nylon. With the nicely stiff fabric added to the soft and airy silhouette, the theme arranges the delightful strawberries in a fresh modern style.

« Tulle gingham & daisy » is a unique textile of gingham fabric with delicate tulle layered on top, with lovely daisy embroideries.
The sophisticated technique brings out its presence that remains one-of-a-kind in the brand’s history.
Enjoy the series of classy attire enchanted by a high quality and mature girly style…

« Bonjour Paris » shows on a scarf the vibrant Paris cityscape from the belle époque.
By applying the French symbol, the Tricolor scheme, the series combines the nostalgic era and the modernism of today to bring out the joyful and the historical.

A single scarf, transformed into a distinguished item by skillful pattern making, can dress you up in a dashing manner reflecting various aspects of beautiful Paris, by combining with cute accessories…

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Jane Marple Dans Le Salon
This brand bases the collection on « DELFT DAY » the Dutch Delftware-inspired Liberty Prints.
There are items with flowers underneath the elegant framing arch in a very Liberty-like classic mood with laces and frills, as well as French mustard and pink fabric embellished with handmade-style embroidery to add a touch of craft. This series is like a sunny spot softly lit...

« La vie en rose » on which a beautiful rose bouquet quietly blooms, comes with two types of textiles.
Sweet designs on cotton voile made of yarns in different count are for elegant items with beautiful gatherings.
Another approach takes the specialty technique of sheer devoré motifs layered on top of the stripes on the ground, casting a rich shade on the fabric.
Both series add soft and serene colors to the classy tone of this season.

In « Sunnyside town », modernist houses stand in a row along the soft bright greens of the street trees.
The series, of revived scenery from the good old days in the 50s, remodeled the landscape pattern that tends to be rustic into a sophisticated one with midcentury elements.
Each item made of georgette fabric echoes a spirit that flutters merrily in the light wind.

« Flower festival » is a charming scarf depicting on a wide lace ribbon trim a flower market lined up with colorful flowers.
Offering items full of vintage taste and collaboration dresses with cute weathered utility sweatshirts, it is a series full of French taste waiting cheerfully for the advent of spring…

« Tiny rose » presents a sheen pattern of matt rayon georgette as a ground, with roses carefully woven with cut jacquard technique.

Colored in two pale tones of ivory and lilac, those three-dimensional flowers, though small, represent strong will.
Dresses and blouses that carry gentle air of classicism, and tone-on-tone skirts, are to stand in a dignified manner next to the lyrical look, which is what the brand cherishes.