2023 autumn&winter Ⅰ

2023 autumn&winter Ⅰ

Every day is the day


Jane Marple
The collection for this season starts with two kinds of Liberty fabrics.
One of them is « Demi », on which dainty flowers are drawn with watercolor.
It is made into a dress with a pair of bows showing a fresh and pleasant look.
The other fabric, « Birdsong », has a charming pattern with motifs of flower bouquets and birds from Liberty’s archive. The skirt and dressed crafted with care, by mixing « Birdsong » and « Demi » are special items to be cherished...

Shown in « Holy nocturnes » is a piano made in the elegant Louis XV style with a fresco painting of angels projected on its top.
This series depicts an overwhelmingly fantastic world with a score by Gabriel Fauré on the back.
The sheer chiffon blouse sways softly, and the skirts and dresses made of a fancy twill fabric with uneven surfaces are adorned with an elegant braid.
Nocturnes in the air, it is a beautiful flow of a quiet romanticism...

Inspired by vintage ribbons, the design of « Memorial check » is woven into shape-memory taffeta.
We offer items that optimize the materials’ characteristics, such as a skirt with randomly arranged frills, a dress with three-dimensional draped bows, and a classic velvet-collared dress with drawstring sleeves.
Dressing up in these clothes makes your silhouette ever-changing, joyfully opening the door to creativity...

« Toy museum » portrays 18 kinds of nostalgic toys laid out in an organized manner.
The toys, each made with great care, start to talk affectionately.
From a casual sweatshirt and a pair of pants to things a little dressier, these items will gently brighten your precious day through each one’s history...

It has been a while since we last presented « Regimental stripe ».
This specially made textile has a basket weave ground into which satin lines are woven to create a three-dimensional appearance.
We offer a range of items, including a cropped Boy’s jacket, bottoms in various looks, and a dormitory-style dress.
It is a series that reasserts the charm of the brand’s tradition since its establishment...

Nurtured by the brand for a long time, the « Tartan check » designs rendered in 100% wool are musts for this season’s collection.
Our regular Royal Stewart welcomes two new additions to the palette: lilac and blue.
The two-way knitted sweater, the Napoleon cardigan, the marine collar pea coat, the porter jacket with a royal emblem, and even the hat accompanying them pass down the unchanging royal spirit...
Jane Marple Dans Le Salon
This collection also starts with a Liberty fabric called « Lindsay Garden ».
It is a three-dimensional pattern of the Arts and Crafts style, initially designed for Liberty’s furniture in the 19th century.
The fluffy, voluminous skirt and the empire dress with chemical lace will bring clean and fresh air into the new season...

« Val de Loire » is a valley stretching along the Loire River in France and a World Heritage Site.
Depicted on the scarf are the motifs of French roses and people mingling in the valley, framed in various old châteaux.
Adorn yourself in the remake dress made with the scarf and a knitted material, or take pleasure in layering the scarf over the « Vintage stripe » series. They will bring the brand’s unique aesthetic to perfection...

The « Vintage stripe » series features reproductions of traditional fabrics of the Basque Country, which straddles parts of France and Spain.
We offer a skirt trimmed with quilts, our classic square neck dress, and a dress with a big bowknot―the seven stripes of the precious, graceful attire represent the pride of the Basques...

« Playful garden » is a rare, multicolored toile de Jouy bearing images from 19th-century Western caricatures and children’s book illustrations.
The humorous, whimsical motifs spread across the elaborate items, adding a touch of charm to them.
Combine them with our Fair Isle knitwear or zippered T-shirt to fully enjoy solving the sophisticated riddles...

The « Tartan check » series is also available from this brand. Blue and grey colors are chosen for a classic working style.
The padded hunting jacket has impactful designs of four three-dimensional pockets and a corduroy collar. Other pieces include the pleated skirt emphasizing the parts in different lengths; the sculptural lantern skirt; and the pants with velvet side-ribbon, etc.
Paired with the playful Nordic knitwear, they stage a lighthearted scene for grownups.

You will find in both brands a variety of clothing pieces and accessories to enjoy different themes and styling.
Furthermore, you cannot miss the new Mary Jane shoes made with gold and enamel leather making a debut this season.

Please take a look at the collections from our two brands that remind you that « Every day is the day », and give us your feedback.