2022 spring & summer Ⅱ

2022 spring & summer Ⅱ

She comes in colours


Jane Marple
She comes in colours

From yesterday, when there was no color,
she appeared in all her glory…
With lots of colors, lots of feelings…
Gently, strongly clad…

- Picnic cloth -
« Picnic cloth » with hand-made flowers, cherries and logos on cotton oxford gingham check.
Wide overalls, voluminous skirts, and the first square dress in a long time set up organza petticoats and even the joyful royal dress is fulfilled with girly taste.
Wearing a charming style in a fresh breeze with all the fun you can handle…

- Pas de bourrée -
« Pas de bourrée » shows a ballerina's tutu somewhat as dots in a unique toe-shoe frame.
The light lesson style is accented with motif colors, and the tulle panniers and trimmings are also bi-colored for a fun image.
Match it with pointe shoes print T-shirt, bag, and jacquard socks, and let your heart dance with longing for the Etoile…

- Bonjour Millefleurs -
« Bonjour Millefleurs » is a mosaic art-like collage of the brand's logo, like fruits, teacups, which are symbolic motifs of the season, with small flowers.
The pattern mix that combines small flowers print with the fabric that has the motif as the main character evokes a pure beauty.
Rose and navy, two colors that are clean and crisp, connecting a new history…

- King of hearts  -
The first to appear is « King of hearts », which is a geometric pattern of hearts reminiscent of Alice.
Fanny skirt with scalloped suspenders and large white cape collar is a striking feature of this dress.
Both evokes fantastic style with great dignity…

- Manon -
The other is « Manon », where swans gracefully play from a bygone fairy tale era.
Adorned with carefully folded tucked pleats, it offers an edgy loveliness.
With the brand's unique and rare swan knitted knitwear and printed cut-and-sewn will also be combined with this collection, enjoy the fantasy of the season…

- Rambling rose  -
« Rambling rose », blooms in a gentle expression on a yellow and silver-gray ground.
Using two materials, the print was reprint a vintage fabric.
The blouse which is adorned tightly with four ribbons, and bubble skirt are creating a refreshing feeling of a thin cotton linen loan.
A charming resort style that suits the clear blue sky…

- Cut flower lace -
« Cut flower lace » has a stunning presence by three-dimensional flower a sprinkle of lace with its bold scallops.
Blanche and Noire, two conflicting dolly worlds, add a cool look to sacred romanticism to decorate the season finale…

Picnic cloth

コットンオックスフォードのギンガムチェックにハンドタッチのフラワーやチェリー、ロゴを載せた「Picnic cloth」。

Pas de bourrée

ユニークなトゥシューズのフレームの中、バレリーナのチュチュをどこかドットに見せた「Pas de bourrée」。

Bonjour Millefleurs

シーズンのシンボリックモチーフでもあるフルーツやティーカップ、ブランドのロゴをモザイクアートのように小花でコラージュした「Bonjour Millefleurs」。

King of hearts

リスを彷彿させるハートを幾何学柄で表した「King of hearts」。



Rambling rose

イエローとシルバーグレーのグランドに優しい表情に咲いた「Rambling rose」。

Cut flower lace

立体的な花のスピンクルレースを大胆なスカラップが圧倒的な存在感の「Cut flower lace」。

Jane Marple Dans Le Salon
- Viola garden -
« Viola garden » depicts various violets with a nostalgic wood block print touch on cool sherbet colors.
Each item is full of soft and relaxing feeling.
Staging a gentle garden style for the lively season by combination of exited vivid colors…

-  Meadow song  -
« Meadow song » is somewhat reminiscent of the shirts used by rock legends in the 1960s.
Skirts, overalls, dresses and other items are tightly adorned with frills from different approaches.

- Lily of the valley -
« Lily of the valley » has a fun spot pattern on a soft rayon roan.
The expressions of the lily of the valley scattered on the fabric make me smile.
The flowing flared skirt has random ruffles; the narrow silhouette is used to create dresses and overalls, lace collar dress with restored vintage lace.
Nostalgic and gentle 40's style…

- Vintage pattern cloth -
Inspired by Victorian-era men's shirts and other items « Vintage pattern cloth »
The fine hand drawn touched dot patterns make us think of the good old days.
Sharp material impression working style is reborn with a dignified look in the midst of fragility…

- Flower lace -
« Flower lace » is embroidered three-dimensionally with thick cotton thread in three colors on delicate tulle.
On the cropped blouse and the back of the dress with a soft image, a plain crepe de chine fabric with a feeling of falling.
Carefully created craftwork gently swaying in gentle hues…

- Pieces of Flowers -
The brand's seasonal final is « Pieces of Flowers », which looks like decoupage made by tearing fabric.
Fluttering floral patterns sway on the airy Opaline finished material.
Skirts and pants with graceful silhouettes are gentle, and long dresses are full of lyricism, make turning the pages of summer that has yet to end…

Viola garden

涼やかなシャーベットカラーに懐かしい木版ブロックプリントタッチで、様々なスミレを描いた「Viola garden」。

Meadow song

どこか60年代のロックレジェンドが愛用したシャツを思わせる「Meadow song」。

Lily of the valley

やわらかなレーヨンローンにスポットパターンが楽しい「Lily of the valley」。

Vintage pattern cloth

ヴィクトリア時代のメンズシャツ他をイメージした「Vintage pattern cloth」。

Flower lace

繊細なチュールの上に3色のコットン太糸で、立体的に刺繍した「Flower lace」。

Pieces of Flowers

こちらのブランドのシーズンファイナルは、布地をちぎってデコパージュした様な「Pieces of Flowers」。