2022 spring & summer I

2022 spring & summer I

She comes in colours


Jane Marple
She comes in colours

From yesterday, when there was no color,
she appeared in all her glory…
With lots of colors, lots of feelings…
Gently, strongly clad…

- Polka dots parade  -
« Polka dots parade »  is a pink and green base lined with polka dots and framed by a unique carriage that looks like a frame feed.
In the lightly swaying fabric, the fantasy of the new season spreads joyfully…

- Teardrop lace -
« Teardrop lace »  is made by a vintage geometric patterned lace finishing in dare reserved taste with functional materials.
A series decorated with three-dimensional embroidery and boring embroidery on smooth bases express strongly and beautifully the brand's More than Sweet worldview…

- Fortune garden -
In « Fortune garden », the shamrock, a symbol of good fortune and the strawberry, an essential element of the season, two motifs coexist beautifully.
There is an added outdoorsy approach to this series as well.
Suggesting a cuter and fresher garden style that feels current, in wearing woolly yarn knit jacquard or rare braided cardigan…

- Strawberries and cream -
This brand's Liberty print is « Strawberries and cream », inspired by the Beatles' song.
Adorable short bib blouses, tiered skirts with joyful harmonious colors, delightful dresses and knitwear with hand-embroidered collar.
A gentle daydream for a sweet style exuding a longing for Wimbledon...

- Edinburgh souvenirs -
« Edinburgh souvenirs » is a vintage scarf with a motif of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.
Putting together a puzzle of small lily of the valley fabrics on a pale-toned scarf depicting a performing arts festival drawn around an Edinburgh landscape.
It is developed into a beautiful series that depicts calm in a dignified scene.

- Ranunculus jacquard -
« Ranunculus jacquard » is carefully woven with yellow and pink flowers in a sheer material.
A series made with luxurious fully cut jacquards in a puffy silhouette with plenty of volume.
Embellishing the soft season full of luck with ranunculus, whose language of flowers is « glamour »…

Polka dots parade

ピンクとグリーンのグランドにポルカドットが並び、コマ送りの様にユニークな馬車が縁どる『Polka dots parade』。

Teardrop lace

ヴィンテージ の幾何柄のレースを、敢えて機能的な素材で辛口に仕上げた『Teardrop lace』。
滑らかなベースに立体的な刺繍やボーラーを飾ったシリーズは、ブランドが掲げるMore than sweetの世界観を強く美しく表現する…

Fortune garden

幸運のシンボルでもあるシャムロックと、シーズンに欠かせないストロベリー、2つのモチーフを美しく共生させた『Fortune garden』。

Strawberries and cream

こちらのブランドのリバティプリントは、ビートルズの楽曲にインスパイアされた『Strawberries and cream』。

Edinburgh souvenirs

スコットランドの首都エディンバラをモチーフにしたヴィンテージ のスカーフ『Edinburgh souvenirs』。

Ranunculus jacquard

シアーな素材の中にイエローとピンクの花々を丁寧に織り上げた『Ranunculus jacquard』。

Jane Marple Dans Le Salon
- She comes in colours -
This season's theme is drawn by Hiroshi Masuyama, a painter who has been involved in art activities coexisting with fashion named « She comes in colours ».
A girl in a white dress standing against a background of blue flowers, innocent thoughts charmed by her deep gaze.
Using a good quality cotton T-shirt as a canvas, the arty world view is beautifully colored…

- London to Brighton -
« London to Brighton » is the scarf the scene the world's most traditional classic car race is drawn, which has been held in England since the 19th Century.
The sound of an engine is bordered by typography, and colorful cars are arranged to create a delightful textile series.
Please see the fanfare of a season full of smiles with this cheerful item with a sense of humor…

- Lemon Lime -
« Lemon Lime » is boldly decorated with fresh lemons and limes on an off-white and navy base.
Voluminous bottoms and ladylike dresses.
Connecting the joy of dressing with citrus mode, as gem colored like the noble traditional base…

- Granny’s ribbon -
Lace ribbons and small flowers « Granny's ribbon » drawn on two kinds of rayon material.
Hawaiian shirts with pin-tucks, marine colored dresses with leavers lace, etc…
Swinging jazz performed by the needle of a record, and ribbons swaying charmingly.
A nostalgic sunny, warm scene gently reflects the fundamental items…

- Raining rosebuds / Gouache garden -
The liberty prints in this brand are two flower prints painted with gouache called « Raining rosebuds » and « Gouache garden ».
Admire the style of slowing down and enjoying the seasonal English garden in a relaxed mood, following the casual mixed pattern with hand-touch embroidery displayed…

- Jardin des fleurs -
« Jardin des fleurs » is a large-scale vintage tapestry revived by print.
The colorful and bold flowers are like stillness and motion, in two expressions with completely different color schemes.
The all-in-one that wraps the whole body decorates the finale of the season with its stunning presence…

She comes in colours

今季のテーマを描くのは、ファッションと共存するアート活動を続けてきた画家、益山航士氏に依る『She comes in colours』。

London to Brighton

英国で19c以来続く世界で最も伝統有るクラシックカーのレースを、スカーフに乗せた『London to Brighton』。

Lemon Lime

オフホワイトとネイビーのグランドに、瑞々しいレモンとライムを大胆に飾った『Lemon Lime』。

Granny’s ribbon

2種類のレーヨン素材に描いたレースのリボンと小花『Granny’s ribbon』。

Raining rosebuds

ガッシュで描れた2パターンのフラワープリント『Raining rosebuds』。

Gouache garden

ガッシュで描れた2パターンのフラワープリント『Gouache garden』。

Jardin des fleurs

ラージスケールのヴィンテージタペストリーをプリントで復元させた『Jardin des fleurs』。