2022 autumn&winter Ⅱ

2022 autumn&winter Ⅱ



Jane Marple
《Jane Marple》
Queen Victoria's coronation, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh's dinner and also the balls hosted by brands, etc...
« Precious invitations » depicts various invitations and dinner menu lists in 16 beautiful cards.
Skirts and dresses adorned with feathery, soft braids.
Cardigans decoupage from nine cards like a collage and a striking pullover in gold foil, sophisticated series for a special occasion launches the season with a dignified look...

The Liberty prints in this brand are « Tudor fields », a warm corduroy fabric with tulips in an organic form that were popular during the Art Nouveau revival of the 1960s.
Crinoline-shaped skirts, cute overalls, and somewhat folkloric strap dresses.
It coordinates perfectly with the soft melton jacket that will be released at the same time, and making cheerful look for fun winter style...

For the traditional of the season, please enjoy the « British check » and « Bespoke stripe » with their clean and crisp materials.
The aforementioned checks are quilted apron skirts, baggy pants, and salopette dresses with a British taste.
With lettered cardigans and scarf-gilet adorned with
bold chenille embroidery of English letters and numbers, 
here is a series British style x Ivy League style full of whimsy.

The striped series, reminiscent of Savile Row, will feature chic gored skirts and abounded lace-colored dresses against a backdrop of authentic English style.
The will of beautiful freedom is dashingly adorned across the chest in two different schoolgirl styles.

Appearing in this deepening season is the story of Alice in Wonderland which enchants with various approaches.
For the first scene, we propose « The nursery Alice », which represents a worldview based on the image source of Alice's picture book for young children.
Figurative Alice and related motifs , and the 10-letter alphabet of the title are drawn in the dress and on the background to create a much more graphical impression.
They are developed in a lively whimsical girlish flare...

« CREATING ALICE » is a series ranging from border knits to skirts, pants, and dresses, each items are decorated with clean Gothic embroidery.
The series is completed by the visible image and personal feelings for Alice in the back of the mind, and by the freedom of the wearer...

Appearing at the end is the stunningly beautiful tapestry with White Rabbit as an integral part of the story, the Queen of Hearts, and Alice runs through the labyrinthine world in relief of the story « Alice jacquard ».
The brand's unique philosophy is overlaid on modern items backed by classicism to express a new image of Alice in a stylish way...
Jane Marple Dans Le Salon
《Jane Marple Dans Le Salon》
« Floating flowers » is floating small flowers with charming forms reprinted of 40's vintage cloth.
Please enjoy the gentle vintage feel of the moment with a unique long sleeve pullover that looks like arm covers connected to the sleeves, and sweaters...

« Import check » is expertly woven in the Prato region of Italy.
The reversible hoodie poncho and tapered pants are practical items double-sided with solid colors.
Add the peasant skirt with drawstring waist, and it adorns the classic and lyrical series in a deep-colored textile that uniquely European style can offer....

« Mix tweed » is fun sense of materiality with various ribbons, lamé, and other fancy yarns.
The porter jacket with three-dimensional braid trimmed in a military style is paired with a short tucked skirt and beautifully silhouetted pants.

As well as being set up on their own, they also coordinate stylishly with casual college sweaters and moleskin pants.
Combined with long and short set-up pearl necklaces and ear cuffs, stylish suggestions typical of this season's premiere style....

« Precious buttons » is a scarf with a variety of mysterious and fascinating buttons found at antique markets in France.
This is retro-modern textile made with special buttons neatly trimmed like a sampler in a full royal feeling with golden soft braids in a complementary border of mandarin and mint blue.
With the items that reissued beautiful enamel buttons extracted from the pattern and decorated, and ring mohair knitwear, enjoy the soft moments in a soft French chic style.

The Liberty prints in this brand picks up « Gloria lomo », which depicts lovely flowers with a bold graphic touch from the 30s.
The bottoms with seasonal quilted fabric are tiered skirts and work pants, with the ruffled collar shirtdress, which is also fun in layered styles makes the most of Tanalone.
The adorable Liberty prints are developed into an active and fun series with the brand's unique cut...

The finale of the season will be « EIIR jacquard », a profound tribute to Queen Elizabeth, who celebrated her 70th year on the throne and platinum jubilee this year.
And as now I write this release, I am struck with great sadness at the news of Her Majesty's passing...
This is an honorable series woven into a magnificent textile, carefully arranging the crown of the British symbol and EIIR in subdued gold thread, in the shape of Balmoral Castle, which, coincidentally, was also the place of repose for Her Majesty.

The background of our brand has always been the admiration for Her Majesty the Queen.
This last series is offering in prayer, never-ending gratitude and profound respect to Her Majesty the Queen...

We also have warm knitwear and outerwear energizing the season as well as a wide variety of coats.
Two brands named « BEAUTIFUL LIBERTY ».
We hope you will take a look at everything and give us your feedback.