2021 autumn & winter I

2021 autumn & winter I

Time tenderly bespoke


Jane Marple
2021 Autumn & Winter
Time tenderly bespoke
Weaving precious outfits over carefully organized time...

- Heirloom -
The new season begins with « Heirloom », a Liberty print filled with flowers.
Softly spreading suspender skirt, collar decorated with floral embroidery and knit marine collar dress.
With a gentle girly style and some casual items, decorating a series to open the season with a peaceful mind style...

- Painting kit -
The launch of the original prints was inspired by the catalogues of art shops in the early 20c. The « Painting kit » features a variety of painting materials beautifully arranged on a background of two nuanced colors: pistachio and steel blue.
The series is inspired by art school students, with a nod to the Ecole de Paris and the brand's signature intelligence reflected in each detail.

- Tumbling Dice / Board game -
A series of two prints enchanting the playful world of good old Europe.
« Tumbling Dice » design is based on the motif of the〈goose game〉, while « Board game » is based on the image of the〈carriage and lady game〉.
A fantastic mix of different prints and cute knitwear and dresses decorated with lace collars in the shape of geese, blouses and suspender skirts, blouses and suspender skirts with lovely gathered frills.
With the addition of roving knit couch, embellishing a delightful endlessly fascinating era of culture...

- Vintage quilt -
« Vintage quilt » features a historical geometric pattern used on Provençal petticoats and the brand's logo stitched onto elegantly shiny cotton satin.
This is sympathetic beautiful series that incorporates this season's quilting as trend into the brand's uniquely graceful and elegant style.
Wearing a unique presence full of artisan spirit…

- Royal drums -
« Royal drums » are full of British charm.
Reversible with tartan check printed in outdoor taste, and the two-face skirts and dresses with clean pattern sewn together.
The witty royal spirit and new interpretation of UK style are rhythmically and delightfully overlap...

- Wool Tartan Check -
The original « Wool Tartan Check », which is indispensable for the season, is now available in the familiar Royal Stewart pattern, as well as new patterns in ivory and blue. Jackets and dresses in deep lustrous velvet with dense special lace collars, kilt skirts, pants, etc...
While sophisticated in line with the brand's history, it conveys in the symbolic series the solid desire for our modern era ...

- Fairy tale gobelin -
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf stand quietly in the background of a deep forest and lake.
Made in Japan, the massive tapestry woven in the Kiryu production area is « Fairy tale gobelin »,  a gem of textile this season. Each item is woven with fantasy by layering careful pattern work on top of outstanding craftsmanship.
The story of the season, which deepens into the very foundation of the brand itself, backed by the Bespoke spirit is carefully told and connected...



Painting kit

オリジナルプリントの立ち上がりは、20c初頭の画材店のカタログから着想。ピスタチオとスティールブルー、ニュアンスの有る2色の背景に様々な画材が美しく並ぶ「Painting kit」。

Tumbling Dice

〈ガチョウのゲーム〉のモチーフを散りばめた「Tumbling Dice」。

Board game

〈乗合馬車と貴婦人のゲーム〉をイメージソースにデザインした「Board game」。

Vintage quilt

プロバンス地方のペチコートに用いられたヒストリカルな幾何柄と、ブランドロゴを上品な光沢のコットンサテンにステッチで飾った「Vintage quilt」。

Royal drums

英国の魅力いっぱいに拡がる「Royal drums」。

Wool Tartan Check

シーズンに欠かせないオリジナルの「Wool Tartan Check」は、お馴染みのロイヤルスチュワートに、アイボリーとブルーの新柄がラインナップ。深い光沢のベルベットや緻密で特別なレースカラーを配したジャケットやドレス、キルトスカートやパンツetc…

Fairy tale gobelin

メイドインジャパン、桐生産地で織られた重厚なタペストリーは、今季珠玉のテキスタイル「Fairy tale gobelin」。卓越した職人の技術に丁寧なパターンワークを重ねて、其々にファンタジアを紡いだアイテムを。

Jane Marple Dans Le Salon
- Noon -
Liberty prints. « Noon » was inspired by Robert Stewart, an artist from the 50's. Contemporary textiles lined with funny expression of face motifs are combined with a relaxed mood to create a relaxed and gentle adult girly style.

- Marie Antoinette -
« MarieAntoinette » is a remake of 60's interior fabric.
Skirts and dresses designed in a beautiful arrangement with flower vases and leaf ornaments painted in a bold approach.
A season of deep hues projects Liberty's history and elegant feminine style...

- Bespoke key plate -
The rise of original prints is « Bespoke key plate », which I drew after being fascinated by a beautiful 19c product catalogue. The keyhole plate and key motifs are neatly lined up on the green and navy colored frame.
The arty prints, reminiscent of antique posters, a glimpse of the exciting craftsmanship of the time.

- Flowers of Jouy -
« Flowers of Jouy »,  in which multi-colored flowers bloom as a decorative pattern in the French style.
Jacket and skirt with thin quilted cotton padding.
The season's signature flared pleated skirts and layered dresses with ruffle-frills.
It's a fun way to add to the stately folklore style with puffer scarf to match...

- Flowers of Jouy scarf -
« Flowers of Jouy scarf » is decorated with a splash of florals with woodblock flower print touch in vintage multi-colored frame.
Ivory, gray, and navy scarves in three colors go well with this season's tartan checks is a series making you stand out and draw attention...

- Wool tartan check -
« Wool tartan check » has been spun every year by this brand.
Jackets and skirts are quilted in concealed areas to create a rounded silhouette.
He added kilt pants and knickerbockers to create a fresh Scottish style.
Coordinating with fair isle knitwear also wraps up the season warmly, and ‘Time tenderly bespoke’ will be cherished and passed on...



Marie Antoinette

60年代のインテリアファブリックをリメイクした「Marie Antoinette」。

Bespoke key plate

オリジナルプリントの立ち上がりは、19cの美しい商品カタログに魅せられて描いた「Bespoke key plate」。グリーンとネイビー2色のフレームに整然と並んだ鍵穴プレートと鍵モチーフ。

Flowers of Jouy

多色の花々がフランス流の装飾文様として咲き誇る「Flowers of Jouy」。

Flowers of Jouy scarf

ヴィンテージの多色フレームの中に木版画タッチの花々をランダムに飾った「Flowers of jouy scarf」。

Wool tartan check

こちらのブランドでも毎年紡がれてきた「Wool tartan check」。
フェアアイルニットとのコーディネイトもシーズンをあたたかく包み込んで、Time tenderly bespokeは大切に語り繋がれて行く…