2016 autumn & winter Ⅰ

2016 autumn & winter Ⅰ



Jane Marple

On the background of classical tricolor wallpaper, 13 different kinds of sweets are sliding cheerfully, "Sweets in the palace".
From airy mini-skirts to royal square dress as well as the popular decoupage items, sharp "Sweeter than Sweet" will be delivered at the dawn of the season…

English Rose proudly blooming on the fresh green carpet at the back of a historic relaxing wooden hall…
A mysterious world spreading behind the door is "English Manor House".
A painting of the transparent sky is a travel guide to the far-away time.
This season's representative dramatic textile brings you to a special time trip…

"Victorian Jacquard" finely depicting the textile from the Victorian era.
Our brand-like classical lyricism is delivered with gingham checks and dots woven in beautiful chambray…

"Twinkle Logotype" is rhythmically layout our brand's logos with our original two-tone glitters.
Lustrous twill and transparent chiffon. Illuminating the deepening season with silent gloss scattered on two different materials…

Our favorite things that lived together with us in our precious time…
"British Book Shelf" with a precious collection tightly set.
A brisk series with firmly tied original logo ribbon…

Regimental stripes come back every season and this season's brown color is newly added to our lineup.
Cute Brit girl style is coordinated with photogenic mini Satchel and Napoleon cardigans…
Our brand's basic approach is inspired by classical uniforms.
This season we propose dormitory style using worsted wool.
"STAY TRADITIONAL"with dignified expressions in cleanness.

Original "Tartan Check" has succeeded all the time in our brand.
Traditional "Royal Stewart", "Douglas" and newly added "Black Watch" will illuminate our more classical British style.

Tartan Check

ブランドがずっと繁いできたオリジナルの「Tartan Check」
伝統的な "Royal Stewart"、"Douglas" に新しいアプローチの
"Black Watch" を加えて、よりクラシカルな British スタイルをお届け致します。

Regimental Stripe

毎シーズン欠かせない「Regimental Stripe」はブラウンカラーが新しくラインナップ。
フォトジェニックなミニサッチェルやナポレオンカーディガンと合わせて Cute な Brit Girl を..

British Bookshelf

かけがえのないコレクションを、ぎっしり並べ飾った「British Bookshelf」

Victorian Jacquard

ヴィクトリア時代のテキスタイルを丁寧に再現した「Victorian Jacquard」

Twinkle Logotype

オリジナルに作った 2 色のグリッターでブランドのロゴをリズミカルにレイアウトした「Twinkle Logotype」
光沢のあるツイルと透けるシフォン。2 つの素材に静かな煌めきを鏤め、深まるシーズンを彩って...

English Manor House

歴史感のある落ちついた木調のホールの奥には、瑞々しいグリーンのカーペットに咲き誇る English Rose...
扉の向こうに拡がる不思議な世界観の「English Manor House」つき抜ける天空の絵画は遠い時代への旅先案内。

Sweets In The Palace

クラシックな3色の壁紙を背景に13種類の Sweets が賑やかにスライドする「Sweets in the palace」
軽やかなミニスカートからロイヤルなスクエアドレス、人気のデコパージュアイテムも加えて、キリッとした Sweeter than Sweet をシーズンの幕開けに..

Jane Marple Dans Le Salon

Our season starts from dignified stylish "Working Style" with shirts dress and skirts with military taste and utility…
This season's Liberty Print is "Woven Leaves".
Nostalgic granny dress with motives mixing cultures outworked in leaf-shape and 48 patterns patch worked in fluffy skirt.
Coordinated with jersey in polyester smooth to mix with today's feel…

"Fake Suede" looking like authentic.
Rochefort coats and skirts reminding of the 1960's have "Sleeping Rose", Liberty print in cupra as a liner.
Our brand-like Cool French chic style with a Nubuck bag on shoulders.

"Vintage Biscuits Can" popping out from a nostalgic catalogue.
England-like humorous prints are 10 biscuits cans. Have a relaxing happy afternoon tea break…

"Old England Stripe" is in Memory Taffeta mixed with Gros gland.
The series with our brand-like fine patten work and chic color stripes is a homage to good old days…

"Tartan Check" also appears in Dans Le Salon.
Shirt dress, dan doll skirts, pants… Mannish and elegant British trad style is coordinated with regatta jackets and Velveteen blousons…

Old England Stripe

メモリータフタにグログランを併せた「Old England Stripe」

Tartan Check

Jane Marple Dans Le Salon でも展開する「Tartan Check」
レガッタジャケットやベルベッティーンのブルゾンと合わせてマニッシュでエレガントな British トラッドに...

Vintage Biscuits Can

「Vintage Biscuits Can」
英国ならではの微笑ましいユーモアがプリントされた 10 種類のビスケット缶で、ゆったりと愉しいシーズンのアフタヌーンティーを...

Woven Leaves

今季チョイスしたリバティプリントは「Woven Leaves」
48 枚のパターンをパッチワークしたフラッフィースカート。